Driver Who Slammed Into 7-11 Surrenders: Cops

Woman suspected of crashing into 7-Eleven worker and store surrendered to police

The woman who allegedly slammed her car into a 7-Eleven storefront, launching a store employee through a window, turned herself into police Friday.

Willaisha S. Rankins of Upper Darby surrendered Friday and is being held on $40,000 unsecured bail.

The bizarre accident was caught on surveillance tape, showing the driver crash her car into a 7-Eleven worker and store in Yeadon June 9. This was followed by her passenger getting out of the car and casually walking away before the driver screeched off.

Though the woman would not identify herself to NBC Philadelphia's Deanna Durante after police took teh suspected driver into custody, police confirmed that it was 32-year-old Rankins, who works as a nurse in Upper Darby.

The man the driver hit that night, 24-year-old Gejea Ejeta, was taken to the hospital where he was treated for his injuries. Though Ejeta is recovering well, he’s still not healthy enough to return to work.

Police said they were taking the woman to Upper Darby police station and then to court for a 2 p.m. arraignment Friday.


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