Cops ID Passenger in Fiery Crash Into Home

Police have identified the passenger of a car that crashed into a Montgomery County home Tuesday morning.

Police say that 27-year-old Wayne Foulke was riding in a car going westbound on Byberry Road when it crashed his car into a house on Byberry and Fitch Road in Hatboro around 1:42 a.m. the car struck a parked vehicle in the driveway before crashing into the home.

Both Foulke and the unidentified female driver died in the accident. On Wednesday night friends of both victims went to the scene to remember the dead.

Investigators say that Foulke died from smoke inhalation and thermal burns. Police are still investigating how the driver lost control of his car.

The Cummins family was inside their home at the time of the crash.

James and Jill Cummins and their three kids were able to escape before their house was completely destroyed. They are currently staying with relatives.

"It was all in flames," Jill said about their destroyed home. "There was nothing you could do -- it was just an inferno."

The Cummins family dog even made it out.

"When you look at those pictures and then you realize that we got out just in time and we're all OK and none of us were injured -- it's just amazing," Jill said.

And the Cummins are thinking of the families of the two people who died.

"Heart-wrenching... of course we didn't want anybody to die," Jill said.

A fund was set up to help the Cummins family get back on their feet.

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James and Jill Cummins
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