Dill or Sweet?

The first state's in a bit of a pickle...

Dill or sweet?

Either way, the first state looks to be in a bit of a pickle. It looks like Joe Biden is gonna be the next VP and he won his senate race.

Don't get me wrong, this is a good problem to have if you're a Delaware Democrat.

It's more of a timing issue.

Governor-elect Jack Markell will now hope that outgoing Governor Ruth Ann Minner will let him help pick Biden's replacement in the senate.

Whoever gets that job will only get it for two years -- then a special election will be held. But here's why VP Joe needs to quit the senate ASAP.

If Obama wins president that mean Biden would get sworn in as VP on January 20th -- the same date a new senator would be sworn in to office. If Biden quits early, his replacement will maintain Biden's seniority and powerful committee seats. If Biden doesn't quit before January 20th, his replacement would fall to dead last in the seniority list, even behind other new senators.

It's probably safe to say Biden will go out of his way to help his home state, now we just need to know who will replace him.

Stay tuned- we'll probably know all these answers sooner rather than later.

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