Delivery Driver Dies After Being Shot Point-Blank at Yeadon Industrial Park

A delivery driver died after being shot at point-blank range outside a Yeadon, Pennsylvania warehouse Tuesday morning, the town's mayor said.

Thomas Childs, 63 of Aston, was found by a co-worker next to a truck at Ridgeway Industries, part of the Yeadon Industrial Park, along the 6200 block of Baltimore Avenue around 3:45 a.m., Yeadon Mayor Rohan Hepkins said.

The witness said he saw suspicious activity before finding the Childs' body, according to Hepkins. He provided a description of the suspect to police.

"He was cold bloodily executed at point blank range last night and he should not have lost his life," Hepkins said.

Authorities believe the driver may have been killed in a botched robbery, but say the investigation remains fluid.

Detectives from the Delaware County District Attorney's Office and Yeadon Police spent Tuesday afternoon searching Fernwood Cemetery — across the street from the shooting scene — looking for evidence.

The suspect is described as a 22-to-24-year-old man who stands 5-foot-4-inches tall, weighs 180 pounds and has a slight mustache. He was wearing a light gray hoodie. Anyone with information is asked to call Yeadon Police at 610.623.1500.

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