Delco Slammed by Storm

88,000 are without power in Delaware County

Yesterday’s storm has left thousands in Delaware County hung out to dry without power as the temperature begins its inevitable incline.

“Last I heard 88,000 homes in Delco and 17,000 in Upper Darby alone are without power,” Ed Truit of Delco Emergency Management told NBC Philadelphia.

Delco was hit worst by storm, said Truit, which brought strong winds, pelting rain and even hail to the area.

Greg Desrosiers of Drexel Hill told NBC Philadelphia’s Denise Nakano he could barely see out the windows when the storm came through.

“It was almost a white out and then when things finally cleared up I noticed one of my favorites trees down in the front of the yard” Desrosiers said.

Sara Matey of Drexel Hill was home alone when the storm hit.

“Basically all the trees that I normally see in plain sight were just on the ground, on the house, on the cars, in the street. It was just completely out of control,” Matey said.

Two shelters have been set up so far – one at Primo Secane Fire Department on Oak Avenue and another at Garrettford Drexel Fire Department in Drexel Hill, but individual townships may have set up their own, too, according to Truit.

But few people have been seeking out the shelters.

“I don’t expect that to occur until tonight or tomorrow,” said Truit. “It depends on how much heat we get and how it affects people.”

Peco said that power will be restored in three-to-five days, said Truit.

Most calls have been about where to find dry ice to preserve their perishables.

Roberts Oxygen on Macdade Boulevard is waiting for their second delivery of dry ice to arrive this afternoon. By noon, they were already out of their first delivery – about 1,600 lbs., said Nick from Roberts Oxygen.

The next delivery is scheduled to arrive around 2:30 p.m. today and it’s first come, first serve. 

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