Delco Dad Busted for After-Prom Beer Bash

Police say local dentist provided alcohol to dozens of underage kids

A Marple Township man is in trouble with the law, for hosting an after-prom party that allegedly included alcohol.

Police say Frances Matarzzo provided booze to dozens of 15 and 16-year olds during a party after the Episcopal Academy junior prom on June 3rd.

Police were called after getting a 9-1-1 call from inside the Windbrook Drive house and another one from a neighbor complaining of noise.  According to court documents provided by Cindy Scharr of the Delaware County Daily Times, responding officers heard “Tarzan-type chants” coming from the front of the house.

Officers found it difficult to account for all the children scattered around the property.  In the affidavit, police say no adult chaperones seem concerned over missing children and did nothing to account for them.

According to the documents, Matarazzo told investigators he was hosting the party and had it all under control.  He also allegedly told responding officers it was better for him to hold the party than have the kids out on their own.  Police say his wife defended the amount of alcohol being consumed by the teens, because they had friends to help chaperone.

Police found numerous beer cans and red Solo cups, large trash bags full of beer cans and cups and an empty cardboard box that contained Stolley Vodka bottles.  Investigators say they also found a beer bong at the scene.

Matarazzo is charged with 20 counts of corruption of minors and 21 counts of selling or furnishing liquor to minors. 

Three other chaperones in house were also charged.
When contacted by NBC10, Matarazzo told us “A good bit of the police report is not accurate.”



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