Delaware Movie Theaters to Show “The Interview”

Independent movie theaters in Delaware could be the only cinemas in our area where you will be able to see the controversial film "The Interview."

Penn Cinema in Wilmington and Westown Movies in Middletown will show the Seth Rogan and James Franco comedy about the assignation of North Korea's communist leader on it's original release date of Christmas.

The film's distributor, Sony Entertainment, pulled the movie after a widespread computer hack carried out by North Korea saw the release of confidential information and emails. The hackers also threatened to dump more damaging data online if the film was played and threatened attacks on theaters that showed it.

The move grew ire from citizens and President Barack Obama and Sony changed its mind on Tuesday once again offering the film for release on Dec. 25.

"We had gotten tremendous feedback from our customers in our market that people really wanted to see it. They resented that they weren't going to be able to see this film," Penn Cinema Managing Partner Penn Ketchum said.

Some 300 theaters nationwide will show "The Interview" on Christmas, Sony said. Another 100 will carry the film after the new year.

As for concerns over safety, Ketchum said his theater is working with Wilmington Police to ensure that patrons are safe.

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