Dang! This is a Good Friggin' Idea

PAWS Pet Adoption Center Adopts Boutique-Like Feel

Ever stumble into a place and say to yourself "Dang!  This is a good friggin' idea?!"  That's the kind of moment I had when the "10! Show" crew and I rolled into the PAWS pet adoption center at 2nd and Arch.

They have the big storefront showroom windows like a pet store, but it is really an adoption agency for dogs and kitty cats.

You go in, you peruse the pets, you go into little rooms to play with your potential new pet pal. It is a "boutiquey" take on pet adoption.  Forget the pound. This place is super user-friendly and they're open seven days a week.
The other cool thing about PAWS is the woman who runs the place, Melissa Levy.  She is the daughter of former NBC 10 anchor Steve Levy who is now chilling out in southwest Colorado. I grew up watching her pop on the tube, so it was fun to hear more about how he is doing these days.
But again, back to business.  You want to adopt a pet? Well, PAWS Pet Boutique has saved a lot of animals' lives and they can help you find a new best friend!  

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