Masked Man With Large Gun Empties Safe at Bucks County Pharmacy

A masked man carrying a large rifle burst into a Bucks County pharmacy and forced an employee to empty the safe.

The heist happened around 12:30 a.m. Thursday inside the CVS store on York Road in Warminster, Pennsylvania.

A man — standing about 6-feet tall, weighing 200 pounds and covered head to toe in black with the exception of a pair of white gloves — entered the store, grabbed a worker and forced that employee to open the safe and hand over an undisclosed amount of cash, said Warminster Township Police.

No one in the store was injured.

The gunman carried a reusable grocery bag and wore wire-rimmed glasses at the time of the incident, said investigators. He fled through the front door.

Police asked anyone who recognizes the gunman or know more about the crime to contact them at (215) 343-0100.

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