Crowd Fights Police at Birthday Party

Several partygoers began to attack police officers as they tried to apprehend an assault suspect at a North Philly birthday celebration Sunday night.

Police said at least two suspects assaulted the birthday girl, who was having a party in a grass-covered lot on the corner of West York and North 27th streets, around 6 p.m.

Minutes later, officers arrived on the scene and began surveying the area from their vehicle with the victim in an attempt to locate the suspect, according to authorities.

The woman spotted men fitting the assailants' description, but the suspects fled on foot into a nearby cookout when they were approached by police, according to reports.

The officers pursued the suspects into the crowd, who turned on police, according to officials.

Cell video taken at the scene shows at least one person throwing punches at the officers as they tried to catch and handcuff the fleeing suspect.

As the partygoers and police fought each other off, an officer tasered at least one person, according to witnesses at the scene.

Four people -- including two men who allegedly commited the assault -- were taken into custody.

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