Quick! Get The Tranquilizer Gun!

Coyote caught inside Sears

A wild coyote was caught inside the Sears Appliance & Hardware store in Lower Nazareth township Monday. It was the Northampton Crossings Shopping Center.

The coyote ran through a set of automatic doors when a customer was coming out about 12:30, according to LehighValleyLive.com.

Police and store workers trapped the animal between two sets of automatic doors, employee Dan Drago said.

It was lying on a pallet of bagged rock salt when Wildlife Conservation Officer Bradley Kreider shot it with a tranquilizer dart.

Kreider put the coyote in a crate and took it to be tested for rabies. He said the animal is adult-sized but did not know its age.

No one was hurt and shoppers used another door to get in and out of the store.

Colonial Regional police Chief Roy Seiple said it's not unusual to see coyotes in this area -- but it's unusual for them to be at Sears.

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