Cost Cuts for Chrysler = Job Cuts for Workers

Chrysler's Newark, DE assembly plant will be closing early. This means 1,000 employers will be out of work by the end of December, as stated on

Originally, the plant was scheduled to close at the end of 2009, but after a loss of $1.07 billion for the first half of the year, Chrysler decided to cut costs early.

Chrysler's sales dunked to 25 percent this year before the U.S. auto market experienced even more downturn in demand due to high gas prices, tight credit and a weak housing market, according to Chrysler just couldn't hang on.

What else does this mean? It means, soon you may not be able to buy a hybrid version of the Dodge Durango or Chrysler Aspen. These hybrid models are built at the Newark plant and are the only hybrid vehicles Chrysler has on the market.

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