Cops Ditch Foot Patrol for New Wheels

The Philadelphia Police are taking a new spin on crime fighting.

Or maybe they’re going for a spin while on duty.

Either way, The Philly Police Department has received over $60,000 in donations toward the purchase of ten new Segways.

"The purchase of the 10 Segway units was made possible through the generosity and concern for public safety by members of the Philadelphia Police Foundation and businesses and individuals in the Philadelphia Region," Former Philadelphia Police Foundation President Bill Whitmore said.

Don’t know about you, but we're pretty sure cops on foot are a little more intimidating than on a glorified scooter. But with speeds up to 20 mph, maybe we're wrong.

So what makes a Segway more effective than good ol’ fashioned foot patrol?

"They are another valuable tool for our officers in helping to make Philly safer, particularly in commercial corridors. Segways are highly visible, cover a lot of ground quickly, and put our officers out there interacting with the community every day," according to Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey.

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And as of Monday, June 1, the newest wave in fighting Philly’s crime hit the streets in five areas of the city.

Here’s the breakdown on where you'll see the boys and girls in blue on :

12th District - One Segway
Center City District - Two Segways 
Main Street, Manayunk (5th District) - Three Segways
South Street - Two Segways
University City District (18th District) - Two Segways

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