Citymapper to Integrate Uber API for Philadelphia

Citymapper, a transport app that enables users to navigate urban areas via mass transit services, will begin integrating Uber's API into its platform. Citymapper applies its own special algorithm to determine the most efficient route for a traveler, whether that be walking, taking a train or bus, catching a Uber or cab, or some combination of the three.

The app has a presence in Philadelphia, among a few other U.S. cities. It will now factor in how a user could combine Uber with mass transit to get from Point A to Point B while saving the most amount of money.

“The Uber Platform is a great fit for multimodal routing, because it gives us estimates for travel time along with waiting time and price,” said Joe Hughes, Citymapper's Head of Mobile Engineering, in this blog post. “Citymapper’s live ETA system combines Uber’s estimates with real-time transit information to tell you exactly how long the entire trip will take.”

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