Multiple Hit-&-Runs Leave Woman Dead: Cops

Police say an out-of-control driver fled the scene of one crash, hitting multiple other cars, before eventually causing a deadly four-vehicle wreck

An alleged out-of-control, hit-and-run driver plowed into multiple cars over multiple blocks of Chester Wednesday night resulting in a multi-vehicle crash that left another woman dead.

In total, at least nine cars were struck by the driver, Chester Police said.

It all started around 7:40 p.m. when two cars collided at W 7th and Sproul Streets. Police say that before they arrived on the scene one of the drivers -- an unidentified woman -- drove up W 7th Street striking cars along the way before wrecking into three other cars at W 7th and Butler Streets -- about 0.7 miles from the original wreck.

A woman in her 40s involved in the second crash later died at the hospital. Eight other adults were being treated at local hospitals, police said.

In total, nine cars were damaged -- all four cars in the second wreck were totaled, police said.

Police say they arrested the alleged hit-and-run driver.

It wasn’t immediately clear if drugs or alcohol played a role in the wrecks. No charges were immediately filed.

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