Chester County Officials Look to Identify Woman Found in Pond Tied to Cinder Block

Chester County officials are looking for help identifying a woman whose body was pulled from a Chester County pond Monday.[[381400381, C]]

The body of the African American woman, thought to be between 25-35 years-old was discovered Monday around 11:15 in the morning by Jason Rutter and his father-in-law while they were fishing in a pond off Zeiber Road in East Coventry Township.[[381399691, C]]

"Silently shocked," Rutter told NBC10's Monique Braxton of the discovery. "We left and I got on with my day and then later in the day it kind of hit me, this really happened to an area where me and my children just moved to."

The 5'6" woman's body was tied to a cinder block. Rutter said she was near a drainage pipe. [[381400601, C]]

Officials confirmed this pond is a popular swimming and fishing hole that is part of Pigeon Creek. Witnesses reported children had been swimming in the area on Sunday afternoon.[[381400021, C]]

"Sadly, somebody threw this woman away like a piece of trash," Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan said, "Our first job is to identify the victim. Then we will find out how she died and who was involved."[[381400131, C]]

Officials released photos of the woman's clothing, jewelry and tattoo in hopes that someone would come forward to identify her.[[381400271, C]]

Anyone with information is asked to call Chester County Detective Sergeant Tom Goggin at 610-344-6866.

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