Watch: Police Tackle Hit-and-Run Suspect After He Tries to Jump Off Rooftop

SkyForce10 soared above the scene to capture it all.

A man on the run described as a "menace to society," almost ran over two officers, crashed into an unmarked vehicle, led police on a chase, climbed onto a rooftop and tried to jump off before being pulled back and tackled by pursuing cops, according to officials.

Police say the 25-year-old man was wanted for escaping custody back in March. He had three warrants out for his arrest, related to numerous car thefts, burglaries and aggravated assault on police, investigators said.

Police were conducting surveillance on the man on 9th Street and Lehigh Avenue in the Kensington section of Philadelphia Wednesday when he allegedly ran into a van, backed into an unmarked police car and nearly ran over two officers before speeding off.

Officers chased after the suspect. At one point the suspect was driving the wrong way down Roosevelt Boulevard at a high speed and police called off the pursuit due to the danger, investigators said.

The man finally stopped his vehicle about three miles away on the Boulevard near Rising Sun Avenue in Feltonville, according to police.

He then got out of the vehicle and continued to flee on foot, police said. SkyForce10 captured the man scaling a fence and then climbing onto the rooftop of a building on the 5300 block of 5th Street. 

The man then tried to jump off the roof but was pulled back on by one of the officers and tackled to the ground. Five more officers then joined in to restrain him, placing him in handcuffs.

Police also recovered the van, which they believe the suspect stole.

Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small described the man as a "menace to society."

"He could've hurt someone. He could've killed someone," Small said. "He could've killed police. But no one was injured and an arrest was made."

Police have not yet released his identity.

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