Source of Philly Pool Electrical Shocking Still Unknown

Philadelphia city officials are still searching for the source of an electrical shock that sent children to the hospital last week.

The Parks and Recreation Department said Monday they haven't found the electrical current at the O'Connor Pool.

The pool, located at 26th and South Streets in the Graduate Hospital section of the city, remains closed and has been drained since the Friday afternoon incident.

Three children were shocked around 1:15 p.m. while they were swimming. Witnesses said a boy was using a metal step ladder to climb out of the water when he was shocked. The other children appear to have been nearby and were also hit by the electrical current.

Lifeguards immediately evacuated the pool and called the fire department. The kids were taken to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia with minor injuries. They were expected to be fine.

Some pool-goers told NBC10 that their kids have also been shocked in the past, but city officials said this was the first incident they've been made aware of.

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