High School Student Faces Child Porn Charges for Extorting Nude Photos While Posing as Girl: DA

A suburban Philadelphia high school senior posed as a teenage female to get more than 100 fellow teens to send him nude photos of themselves, officials said Thursday.

Monsignor Bonner Catholic High School student Derrick Jones targeted boys – some in middle school – by leading them to believe they were communicating with a girl named “Haley” through various social media channels, according to Delaware County District Attorney Jack Whelan and Darby Township Police Chief Regina Price.

Jones, an 18-year-old from Glenolden, used platforms such as Instagram, Kik, WeChat and Snapchat, was found when investigators tracked his IP address. Even after he spoke to authorities, he continued to target victims, officials said.

Investigators said Jones targeted 136 people – about 60 of whom are identified as local males. Once he had the nude photos, Jones posted them from fake accounts in hopes to extort more photos from the victims; he sent graphic images to one of the victim’s own family to shame him, officials said.

“Haley” is a real girl who had her identity stolen by Jones, investigators said.

A judge on Thursday arraigned Jones on dozens of counts, including child pornography and harassment. Jones posted $5,000 bail. He couldn’t immediately be reached for comment.

Jones faces expulsion from school, Whelan said.

"This information is deeply disturbing to all of us," The Archdiocese of Philadelphia said in a statement released Thursday afternoon. "Our immediate concern is for those who were or may have been victimized. Our understanding is that Delaware County Detectives have been in contact with individuals they have reason to believe could be a victim in this matter.

If anyone has information that needs to be shared with law enforcement regarding this matter or wishes to make a report, they are urged to contact Detective Sergeant Kenneth Bellis of the Delaware County Criminal Investigation Division at (610) 891-4717."

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