Car Plugs Up Drain That Sucked in 3 People During Isaias Flood Rescue

A total of 8 people needed to be rescued after they got caught in a flooded parking lot trying to rescue another man.

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Firefighters in Delaware needed to rescue eight bystanders from rushing flood waters of Tropical Storm Isaias Tuesday after they were trapped trying to save a man in his car.

Our partners at WDEL report that an elderly man was in his car on a grass median near the Lantana Square Shopping Center in Hockessin. As waters from incredibly heavy rains rushed through a drainage culvert on the grass, the car, already taking on floodwater, began to get sucked into the drain.

Bystanders tried to help the man out of his car, but the force of rushing water sucked three of them through the drainage culvert and spat them out the other side.

The suction stopped when the car was sucked into the drain and plugged it. That also stopped the flooding in the parking lot.

Firefighters rescued a total of eight people from the parking lot and several more were evacuated from two business that were surrounded by floodwaters.

No major injuries were reported.

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