Campus Blog: The Season's First Snowfall


As a fan of summer weather, the beach and warm afternoons outside with the family dog, snow is not normally something that makes me happy. Snow means endless weeks of bone-numbing cold and fighting my way to class against continuous blasts of frigid wind.

The first snow of the year, however, is different. There’s something I appreciate about the beauty of a yard covered in snow that isn't marred by footprints.

With the holidays so close, many around campus have already been in a good mood, despite the fact that finals are looming. The snow added onto this collective feeling of joy in our student community.

I remember what it was like to be five years old and to look out my window, see piles of snow and know that I wouldn’t have school that day – or to be 17 and at a boarding school, knowing that a snow day meant that I would have all day to play outside with my entire high school.

While this snow was not enough for me to round up my roommates and some lunch trays and find a hill, I can still appreciate it. It mostly melted yesterday, and there is barely a trace of it on the ground now, but it is still enough for me to remember what it used to mean to me as a child.

So, for now, I’m tolerating the snow. I hope I can remember these feelings of my five-year-old inner-child when we’re buried in mountains of it come February.

Eudora Linde blogs weekly about her senior year at Shippensburg University.

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