Broad Street Run Expected to Heat Up

Warm, humid weather could cause runners some trouble

Ready to kick some asphalt at the 31st Annual Blue Cross Broad Street Run on Sunday? Well there is one factor that could be slowing you down.

No, it’s not weaving your way through a course with 30,000 other people on it -- it’s the heat and humidity.

Temperatures should easily climb into the 80s and could be closer to 90 by Sunday, said NBCPhiladelphia meteorologist Dave Warren.

The temperate at race time (8:30 a.m.) will climb to around 70 degrees, according to Warren. Add in a high UV Index and the dew point (measure of the moisture in the air) should be in the mid 60s making things slightly uncomfortable.

“Along with the heat, the humidity will increase so the heat index could become an issue,” Warren added. “The body is able to cool itself but when the humidity increases that process gets a bit more difficult.”

In simpler terms -- you’re gonna sweat and will probably be breathing pretty heavy by the time you cross the finish line at the Navy Yard.
The organizers of the event sent an email to all participants Friday morning to make sure that runners are properly prepared for warmer conditions.

“Due to the predicted forecast and the fact that most of you have not been training in these type of conditions we are urging all of you to take the proper precautions relating to this situation. We cannot make decisions for you when you are the only one who knows how you feel.  We are urging you to hydrate prior to race day and on race morning. We highly recommend that you refrain from the consumption of alcohol on Saturday because this causes dehydration.”

Hold on did the race organizers just tell us not to drink?

Seriously though, anyone planning to run should be ready to deal with heat.

Runners should plan on wearing a hat and sunscreen on the course Sunday but to survive the run you will need to do more than just dress properly.

Warren added a great tip: “Stay hydrated before, during and after the race. And, keep an eye on anyone who looks to be suffering from the heat.”

And despite the extra prep (more water maybe) by the organizers, the final determination of safely running the race rest on individual runners.

“You as the participant are responsible for your own personal safety and decision making,” organizers said.

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