Bonding Over Basketball: State Trooper, Boy Get Recognized by NBA Star

Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors saw a video of a Delaware state trooper playing basketball with a young man -- so well that the kids' dubbed the trooper's skills "Curry"

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Even in full uniform and hat, that Delaware state trooper had skills. He landed a basket going backward. Rolled in a perfect layup. Handled the ball like a pro.

And the kids he was playing with in a video that has since gone viral knew it -- calling Trooper Joshua Morris' skills "Curry" as they recorded. As in Steph Curry.

"Oh that's Curry," the boy recording the video says as the trooper plays. "That's Curry!"

Later, the trooper surprised his young opponent with a pair of Curry sneakers and $50.

Now, Steph Curry himself is recognizing both Trooper Morris and the young man he was playing ball with.

One Delaware state trooper has some serious skills on the basketball court, but what he does off the court is positively impacting one neighborhood in Wilmington. NBC10’s Tim Furlong has the story.

After seeing the video online, the NBA star invited the trooper and the boy to the game between the Golden State Warriors and the Sixers tomorrow.

They may even get the chance to meet each other.

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