Sanitation Workers Find Dismembered Dog's Body in Trash Bag While on Route

The grim discovery was made along the 5700 block of Harbison Avenue Thursday morning

Philadelphia trash truck with police tape blocking off te roadway behind it after a body was found by sanitation workers on July 1, 2021,

Sanitation workers on their route in Northeast Philadelphia Thursday morning found a dismembered body of a dog in one of the trash bags.

The workers found the remains along the 5700 block of Harbison Avenue in the Wissinoming neighborhood a little after 8 a.m., Philadelphia police said.

Investigators initially said they were having difficulty identifying the remains. The medical examiner's office later responded to the scene and determined the body was that of a dog, police said.

SkyForce10 captured a stopped city trash truck pulled up against the sidewalk with police tape blocking off the area behind the truck.

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