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Bicyclist Hurt in Possible Hit-and-Run, 2 Cars Flee Scene

A medic found a bicyclist suffering from a serious head injury on the ground at a tunnel entrance in Chester County Tuesday evening. 

A Brandywine Hospital medic saw Andrew Supplee, 21, at the north side train tracks tunnel at N. 4th Avenue and Coates Street while responding to an unrelated medical call at around 5:20 p.m., according to a police report. Supplee was unconscious and had sustained a serious head wound. 

Supplee was wearing large headphones and a backpack at the time of the crash. He was not wearing a helmet while riding a BMX-style bike, said police.

When the medic exited the vehicle to tend to Supplee's injury, it appeared as if two motorists in the immediate vicinity of the bicyclist were speaking to each other while stopped in the tunnel with their vehicles facing opposite directions.

Investigators said, both vehicles left the area when the medic began to treat Supplee. Supplee was taken from the scene of the crash to Paoli Hospital where he underwent surgery.

There is no evidence to suggest either of the two vehicles were involved in Supplee's crash, but police said they would like to speak to the drivers of the vehicles about what they saw or if they had seen something that may have caused the crash.

Police have not ruled out the possibility that a hit-and-run caused Supplee's crash. Neither driver has come forward with details as of Thursday, July 30.

One of the vehicles was a silver, box-style van and the other was a dark-colored sedan.

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