Assaulted Wawa Worker Fears for Her Life

Decker is currently at a rehab facility

When Wawa worker Monique Bronson came face-to-face with Ridley Township off-duty police officer Brian Decker during her shift last week, it was the third time the two would have an unpleasant exchange.

The assistant manager, 42, said at least twice before Decker became angry when she asked him for identification to buy chewing tobacco. She said she even filed a complaint with the police department about Decker's temper.

But it was last Tuesday afternoon that things got completely out of control when witnesses say Decker started shouting profanities and repeatedly punched Bronson in her face after she carded him.

“All I saw was fists hitting me. He was hitting me in the eye, my ear, my neck, my nose and my cheek," said Bronson. “This guy’s a police officer, he’s supposed to protect and serve not attack.”

One of Bronson's employees called 9-1-1 and other Ridley Township officers arrived from their station across the street from the store. But Bronson said the 7-year police veteran was still defiant.

“He just steps outside the back room and he stands there with a smirk and says, ‘I am a (expletive) Ridley cop, nothing is going to happen to me,” said Bronson.

Decker was fired from his position with the police department on Friday and charged with assault, harassment and terroristic threats.

“We do not condone it. We’re not going to stand by it and I want all our residents to know we acted swiftly,” said Ridley Township Police Chief Charles Howley.

After the incident, Decker reportedly checked into an undisclosed rehab facility for treatment of an unknown condition, according to investigators.

But for Bronson, Decker's stint in rehab is of little comfort.

“He’s shouting things at me. And he says ‘you and your family better watch your back’. And I said to him ‘are you threatening me?’", said Bronson.

“I am waiting for him to be arrested. To be honest, I am still waiting for that. So until then we are on our toes.”


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