Antique Shop Shooter in Custody: Police

The customer who fired at the owner of a NJ antique shop has been caught by police

Police say the woman who fired at a Gloucester County antique shop owner after an argument over an antique, is in custody.

Police say Anna Guido, 53, fled to Prospect Park, Delaware County after she fired at the owner "Antiques Only" in Turnersville, N.J. yesterday afternoon.

Store owner Joy Piddington tells NBC10's Cydney Long that she's relieved this woman is off the streets. "The fact that they have her in custody is wonderful so that she doesn't do this to anyone else."

Piddington says Guido pulled out a gun after an argument over a $35 dollar deposit that was left a year and a half ago for an item on layaway.

"I picked up the phone and said I'm calling 9-1-1 and then I thought she must really need this money to be here with a gun pointed at me," says Piddington. "So I took a $20 and threw it kind of at her and took my hand and pushed the gun away."

The woman left the store, but police say she fired a shot through the window of the store.

No one was hit.

I want her to get help because I think she needs help," said Piddington.

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