Alleged Sex-For-Tix Fan Gets Her Day in Court

Susan Finkelstein kept saying she couldn't wait for her day in court. Well, it's here.

Finkelstein is charged with promoting prostitution after allegedly offering an undercover cop sex for two tickets to see the Phillies in the World Series. Bensalem police set up the meeting to see what Finkelstein meant by her Craigslist ad saying the "gorgeous tall buxom blond" was desperately seeking tickets, she was the creative type and "Maybe we can help each other!"

"I seriously don't think i did anything wrong by writing an ad that was kinda cheeky," Finkelstein told us Monday.

The fallout for Finkelstein was a little fun at first -- she actually got two tickets from a local car dealer to see the Phillies and Yankees in Game 3, but then she lost her job.

"I was notified by conference call that I was being terminated immediately."

Finkelstein worked in marketing for the Wistar Institute.

"Going out of the house is not as fun as it use to be," she said.

"Nobody has a sense of humor, it's just overkill," said her attorney, Bill Brennan, who is hoping get the charges dropped.

"They're still shootin' a fly with a bazooka."

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