Alleged Killers On Phone Before Piazza Double Murders

There were nearly 300 hundred phone calls exchanged between four alleged co-conspirators and a “person of interest” before, during and after an attempted robbery and double murder at an upscale apartment complex in Northern Liberties in June, according to the Philadelphia Daily News.

Police said Will Hooks, Jr., charged with two counts of murder and the alleged mastermind behind the murders of Rain Thal and Timothy Gilmore at the Piazza at Schmidt’s apartment complex on June 27, made most of the calls. 

Court records show between June 25 and the evening of June 27 Hooks made 36 calls to alleged triggerman Donnell Murchinson.

Hooks called co-defendant Robert Keith, who allegedly tried to break into a sixth-floor apartment that he thought belonged to Rahl, a total of 64 times.

Hooks, who also goes by the name Keith Epps, called co-defendant Katoya Jones 40 times.  She allegedly opened to the lobby door to the gunman in Thal’s building, according the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Court papers revealed Hooks called Vernon Williams 88 times but it is unclear how he is related to the investigation, according to the paper.

Hooks' repeated phone calls and presence inside the apartment building with two co-defendants "are clear indicators that [Hooks] participated and orchestrated the entire sequence of events that ultimately led to this double murder," said the affidavit.

Cameras inside the ritzy apartment complex recorded the shootings.  At least seven people are in custody in connection with the murders.  Investigators said 11 suspects could be arrested.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for September 23 for all co-defendants.

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