Are You ‘Xperienced'? Fitness Founder Alexis Rose Wants to Make You Sweat at Wawa Welcome America Fit Fest

Alexis Rose Xperience founder shares her personal fitness journey ahead of leading a cardio dance session at the Wawa Welcome America Orangetheory Freedom Fit Fest

Fitness star Alexis Rose is bringing her “experience” to the Orangetheory Freedom Fit Fest as part of Wawa Welcome America Festivities.

"The Alexis Rose Xperience is literally about empowerment of movement, empowerment of freedom of expression," Rose said. "It’s about bringing fitness and your lifestyle together inside the room where you can literally sweat everything out and have an amazing time."

ARX is about more than just what happens during a class (currently held in Fort Washington and Philadelphia) but how it makes you feel in the outside world.

Rose is "bringing the positivity" and "the hottest music" with a version of her Rosé and Slay class to the fit fest at the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art (at 9 a.m. Sunday). The cardio dance class it free to all ages (you could burn up to 500 calories) but the watermelon rosé afterward is 21-plus.

Rose’s incredible journey has been filled with amazing ups and difficult downs. She grew up dancing (starting as young as 3 years old) in her hometown of New York and would go on to tour as a backup dancer and choreographer for artists including Ciara, Chris Brown, Fabolous, Trey Songz and others.

"Being able to speak through movement was something that was very comfortable for me," Rose said.

John Gowdy and Matt Deibert are retired Atlantic City firefighters who have become world-renowned sand sculptors. Their story started long ago building sand castles with their kids at the Jersey Shore. They’re taking part for a second year in Wawa Welcome America with a huge exhibit at Liberty Place in Center City.

After leaving dance, Rose said she lost herself both physically and emotionally. She credits her two daughters, one 14 and the other 4, with being her strength after she topped out at 286 pounds during her second pregnancy.

She got back to dancing, picked up SoulCycle, ate healthy, drank a gallon of water daily and dropped more than 100 pounds. It was all about overcoming her fears and taking not just the first step but the second and third step.

"I learned that emotionally there’s a connection to losing weight," Rose said. "Emotionally as I got better, physically I looked better, I felt better. I wanted to really deliver that to as many people as possible."

She became an in-demand SoulCycle instructor in New York City and came to the Philadelphia region with the company two years ago. She still teaches SoulCycle but ARX is her own.

"I feel like I belong in Philly," Rose said.

Along her fitness journey, Rose has trained with Michelle Obama, Tinashe and others. Now she wants to train alongside you at the Wawa Welcome America Orangetheory Freedom Fit Fest or at any of her classes. Everyone, man or woman, old or young, good dancer or bad, is welcome.

"I believe that we can really, really connect with so many people," she said.

Her favorite quote from author Jen Sincero sums it all up: "When you love yourself enough to stand in your truth no matter what the cost, everyone benefits."

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