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After Being Hit By a Boat and Getting His Fin Amputated, This Young Seal is Finally Headed Home

After getting his flipper amputated due to a tragic accident, a young seal is being brought to his new home.

In April, the seal was hit by a boat and “because of the damage done to the flipper it had to be amputated,” a spokeswoman for the Marine Mammal Stranding Center (MMSC).

According to the center, the young male was found in Long Beach Island on a beach in the town of Barnegat Light.

He had gashes on his back and his rear flipper was almost detached. The seal’s flipper was amputated at the Marine Mammal Stranding Center.

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His injuries make it impossible for survival in the wild, so he has been at MMSC in Brigantine ever since his accident.

But on Friday, after seven months of rehab, the harbor seal will be leaving MMSC and joining six other seals in his new, permanent home, the Aquarium of Niagara, New York.

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