After 5 Surgeries, Shot Officer Takes First Steps

Philadelphia Police Officer Edward Davies continues to recover after being shot during a struggle with suspect

Nearly a month after being shot during a violent struggle with a man inside a Feltonville Mini Mart, Philadelphia Police Officer Edward Davies is showing encouraging signs of recovery.

Ofc. Davies took a few small steps inside his hospital room at Temple University Hospital on Wednesday, police said.

"It’s been three weeks and it’s been the first time he’s been on his feet," Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey said. “He seems to be getting stronger every day."

The 41-year-old was shot in the stomach during a struggle with Eric Torres inside the Almonte Mini Mart at 4th and W. Annsbury Streets on the afternoon of August 13. The bullet pierced his kidney and severed an artery, forcing doctors to place the 25th District officer in a medically-induced coma for some time.

Ofc. Davies, a husband and father of four, has undergone five surgeries to date and is expected to have more. Officials say he faces a prolonged recovery.

"His recovery process is moving along but going to take some time and patience," Philadelphia Police Lt. John Stanford said. "It will be a long road to recovery for him, but we will continue to keep him in prayer and stand by his side during this journey."

A six-year veteran of the Philadelphia Police force, Ofc. Davies, along with other officers, engaged in a brutal brawl with Torres, 31, after police say the suspect fled from a traffic stop nearby.

During that struggle, Torres allegedly used a stolen gun to shoot Ofc. Davies below his bulletproof vest.

Torres had a preliminary hearing on Wednesday and was held for court. He stands charged with a myriad of crimes including attempted murder, assault on an officer and aggravated assault.

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