Bill Henley

‘Absolutely Yes' Proposal at the 2018 Blue Cross Broad Street Run

What's better than the feeling of running a strong race in the Blue Cross Broad Street Run?

How about the feeling of seeing your boyfriend on one knee, with a diamond in hand?

That's what happened to runner Edith Lewis at the finish line of the 2018 race as she was being interviewed by NBC10's Bill Henley.

"I had a great time running today," said Lewis, looking remarkably composed at the end of the 10-mile race. "Great weather. And luckily I trained very well coming into the race so it felt really good coming down Broad Street."

Suddenly, a well-dressed man appeared at her shoulder. "Hey baby," he said.

"Hi," Lewis said, still focused on Henley.

"You know this guy?" Henley asked.

"That's my boyfriend," Lewis responded.

She barely had the words out before her boyfriend dropped to one knee.

"I wanted to know if you would marry me," he said.

"Oh, wow," Lewis responded, no longer quite so composed.

"Will you marry me?" he asked again.

Lewis got out a "yes" before dissolving into repeating, "Oh wow!"

The couple embraced and kissed. "Oh my gosh! I wasn't expecting that! Oh wow! Yes, yes!" Lewis said.

This isn't the first Blue Cross Broad Street Run proposal. There was one in the middle of the race in 2016 and another in 2014, among others.

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