NBC10 Responds Helps Man With Peeling Furniture

Stephen Hill thought he was buying his dream furniture set from Aaron’s furniture. He picked out a sofa and loveseat back in 2013, and just finished paying it off last year.

“It was beautiful, it looked good. I was impressed by it,” Hill told NBC10 Responds Reporter Harry Hairston.

Just as Hill was about to make his final payment to the rent-to-own store, he started noticing a big problem with the set. The furniture would peel and crack, leaving a mess for Hill to clean up. “It's embarrassing to have people come, and it peels and it looks like there's bugs on the floor,” Hill said.

Hill tells NBC10 Responds he contacted Aaron’s directly, to try and get the company to make it right. Hill says a representative from Aaron’s told him someone from the factory would be out to Hill’s home to inspect the furniture, but no one ever showed.

He called NBC10 Responds, hoping we could help the company keep its word. Days after we reached out to Aaron’s, a regional manager personally came out to inspect the problem. A few days after that, a brand new furniture set was delivered to Hill’s home for free.

Aaron’s released this statement to NBC10 Responds:

“Aaron’s, Inc. cares about our customers and associates.  That’s the value we’ve built the business on for 61 years.  When a concern is raised with us, Aaron’s fully reviews the matter and works diligently with our customers in an attempt to keep them as fully satisfied customers.  We are pleased that we have been able to resolve Mr. Hill’s concerns.”

This problem is not unique to our region. Our sister station in Chicago has reported on the peeling furniture problem for months.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, and are not getting a resolution from the company, NBC10 Responds wants to hear from you.

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