A Urinary Track to the Shore

Where to go when you’ve “gotta go”

 All right, so some may use terms like “Dirty Jersey,” and poke fun at our “Armpit of the Nation” neighbor, but the truth is, we shouldn’t be such hypocrites: Philadelphia is part-time Jersey in the summer months. The city empties out onto the Jersey Shore every weekend.

In this vein, one local Web site has created a way to make the road trip down the shore not so—backed up.

JerseyShoreRestroom.com provides a map speckled with public bathrooms available as you move down the Jersey Shore.

Each bathroom on the map allows site visitors to see pictures of the place and read ratings and details on the cleanliness, hours open, handicap accessibility, wait time, availability of soap and paper towels, and even whether or not it has public showers.

Useful not only for traveling to the shore, but also for locating a place to go when you’re actually on the beach, the site names one of its reasons to participate in the interactive site as, “The beach won't turn into a litter box.” Good point.

Seemingly created by Rutgers students for a project, according to NJ.com, the restroom map has a large gap between Belmar and Wildwood. That’s where you come in Philadelphia:

The best part of the site is that visitors can add their own restrooms and ratings with the click of a button.

So spread some brotherly love in New Jersey and help make the way to the shore smoother, with fewer lines, cleaner bathrooms and fewer panicky roadside stops.

Because nobody enjoys doing the “pee dance.” Nobody.

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