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Firefighter Adopts Dog Rescued From Ledge



    Dog Rescued From 50-Foot Ravine in NJ Park

    It took authorities several hours to rescue a dog after it fell 50 feet into a ravine in New Jersey Monday. (Published Tuesday, March 25, 2014)

    A firefighter has adopted a dog that was rescued after it became trapped in a ravine in New Jersey's Garret Mountain Park.

    A rescuer rappelled about 50 feet to reach the poodle mix two weeks ago.

    The dog was taken to a veterinarian and placed up for adoption.

    Second Chance Pet Adoption League president Stephanie Pearl tells The Record newspaper about 50 people called about the dog and 10 submitted applications to adopt it.

    Pearl says she chose Paterson firefighter Paul DiFalco and his family because they live close to the animal clinic and have someone home during the day because the dog gets anxious when left alone.

    “Just the fact that the dog was found the way it was,” Cheryl DiFalco told the paper. “My heart broke and I just said, ‘I know we can give that dog a good home.’”

    DiFalco said her family named the dog Easter because she looks like an Easter bunny with red skin.