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Storm Rips Through Kent County

Several homes are damaged in Camden, Delaware after strong thunderstorms ripped through Kent County.



    Delaware Storm Damage

    A storm ripped through Camden, Delaware Monday afternoon, tearing through roofs and toppling trees. Twenty homes were damaged. NBC10's Denise Nakano spoke with some of the homeowners. (Published Tuesday, Sept. 4, 2012)

    Several homes are damaged in Camden, Delaware after strong thunderstorms ripped through a Kent County. 

    A tornado warning was first put into effect by the National Weather Service shortly before 3:30 p.m. While the warning has since been canceled, the weather service released a report stating there were reports of a funnel cloud. NBC10's Sheena Parveen says there were strong winds in the area that likely reached 60 miles per hour or higher. 

    Around 20 homes in Camden, Delaware were damaged during the storm. Cell phone video obtained by NBC10 captures a fast moving storm with dark, spinning clouds. Those who saw it coming ran into their homes and ducked for cover.
    "When we went in, I shut the sliding doors and something hit the house so hard and we just dropped to the floor," said Jean Hanacek. 
    Casey Sadlowski of Dover was on his way home and stopped to take video of the storm as it traveled North into Camden.
    "The sky was just twirling," said Sadlowski. "You could see shingles and branches. You could see plenty of stuff flying through the air." 
    While it was over in a few seconds, the storm caused considerable damage, tearing off roofs, shattering windows and caving in garages. 
    "My whole garage is gone and my two cars are in there," said Hanacek. "Unbelievable." 
    "The whole roof literally ripped off," said Ron Miccarelli. 
    All of the major damage was contained to the Barclay Farms development, a community for residents who are 55-years-old and older. 
    Amazingly, no one was injured, except for Jean's husband Jim who says he accidentally walked on some glass. 
    "We tried to put towels down thinking it was a minor leak," said Jim. "It was more than a minor leak!"
    Jean says she's just thankful they're now safe from the storm.
    "This was my first," said Jean. "I never want to go through that again." 
    Credit: Wilmington News Journal