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Philadelphia School Bus Booted, Left in West Philly



    School Bus Booted in W Philly

    A Philadelphia school bus was booted by the Parking Authority for unpaid tickets. The school district has since paid the tickets and got the bus back. (Published Friday, July 10, 2015)

    A Philadelphia School District bus was booted and immobilized in West Philadelphia Thursday morning.

    An NBC10 viewer snapped a few pictures of the school bus on the corner of 52nd and Pine Streets.

    A ticket on the bus' front windshield revealed the bus was booted at 11:11 on Wednesday morning.

    The bus' front door was swung open, and there was a big yellow boot on the front left tire.

    The Philadelphia School District did not respond to calls regarding the booted bus as of Thursday afternoon.

    We did find out from the Philadelphia Parking Authority [PPA] that vehicles with three or more unpaid parking tickets or red light tickets are eligible to be booted after their owners receive a series of notices.

    Once a vehicle is booted, it will be towed within 72 hours if the owner doesn't settle up with the PPA.