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Carjacker Chases Moving Car



    Carjacker Chases Moving Car
    New Castle County Police

    A man police said was carrying a drugstore's worth of narcotics has been arrested for carjacking a vehicle outside a WaWa deli.

    New Castle Police arrested Todd Colvard, 24, on a variety of charges stemming from a car crash on Saturday morning.

    According to authorities, Colvard's girlfriend was involved in a minor accident on Fairfax Boulevard in Wilmington around 8 a.m.  Colvard arrived shortly after the crash and began to yell at the other driver.  After the other driver exchanged information with Colvard's girlfriend, she drove away from the accident scene.

    Colvard followed the woman to a nearby WaWa, police said, and waited for her.  When the driver, accompanied by a friend, left the deli and tried to enter her car, Colvard hoped out of his vehicle and attempted to stop her.  The woman swerved around Colvard and drove towards the WaWa's exit, but Colvard ran and jumped in to the woman's back seat.  At this point, the victim's friend jumped out of the vehicle and called police.

    Colvard, after yelling at the victim, eventually exited the vehicle.  The victim tried to drive away, and authorities said Colvard again ran at her car.  This time, police said, he broke the driver's side window and grabbed the keys out of the ignition, while the car was still in drive.

    Delaware State Troopers arrived shortly after, and Colvard was apprehended.  The arresting officers reported that Colvard was in possession of 5 bags of heroin, over 2 grams of cocaine, 86 morphine pills, 31 opana pills, and 5 oxycodone pills.