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New Jersey Teacher Receives Over 150 Packages of School Supplies After Being Featured on Kristen Bell’s Instagram

A NJ special education teacher received over 150 packages of school supplies after being featured on actress Kristen Bell's Instagram on Friday.



    New Jersey Teacher Receives Over 150 Packages of School Supplies After Being Featured on Kristen Bell’s Instagram
    New Jersey teacher Jacquelyn Campbell received more than 150 school supplies from her Amazon wish list after being featured on actress Kristen Bell's Instagram Friday, Feb. 8, 2019..

    What to Know

    • Actress Kristen Bell has been featuring teachers in need of school supplies on her Instagram every Friday.

    • Bell put New Jersey special education teacher Jacquelyn Campbell's Amazon wish list of school supplies in her Instagram bio on Friday.

    • Campbell has received more than 150 packages for her students.

    In just one weekend, a New Jersey teacher has received enough packages of school supplies to fill her living room — thanks to a Hollywood star's Instagram shoutout.

    Actress Kristen Bell’s Instagram on Friday called out Vineland, New Jersey, teacher Jacquelyn Campbell, as her weekly "featured teacher." That's when the packages started rolling in.

    She has received over 150 deliveries containing school supplies since Friday, and they keep coming.

    “I completely did not expect the response,” said Campbell, a special education teacher for students in grades six through eight at Thomas W. Wallace Junior Middle School in Vineland.

    Campbell says that some of her students struggle to get the school supplies they need. 

    “There are people out there who have everything and are willing to help, and this is one way our students are getting what they need,” said Campbell.

    Each Friday, Bell shares the stories of different teachers in the United States. Then, she adds their Amazon wish lists of school supplies into her Instagram bio so that her followers can send the teachers items on their lists.

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    It’s #FeaturedTeacherFriday! I got literally thousands of emails from teachers and I’m so excited to share their stories and amazon wishlists with you guys. Also- NBC is going to make a donation to the school of the first 10 teachers. (Guess they wanna go to the Good Place!) Meet Jacquie Campbell, a teacher at Thomas Wallace in Vineland, New Jersey. Her sister Elyse sent me this: “I would like to nominate my sister, Jacquie. She has dedicated her life to the education of special needs children. She has taught hundreds of children over her career with multiple disabilities ranging from behavioral to severe autism and down syndrome. Her compassion and love for all of her students can not be measured. She is also a foster parent and has adopted both of her daughters through the foster care system. Everything she does is for her student. My sister is truly an amazing human and my absolute best friend.” So Jacquie’s school is Title 1 and 80% of students get free or reduced lunch, so any help they can get would be amazing! Her wishlist will be in my bio all day. Let’s do this, friends!! ❤️��������✏️

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    On Friday, Kristen Bell linked Campbell’s Amazon wish list in her Instagram bio.

    "I just said to my students, if you wanted anything that you could possibly have in our classroom what would it be?" Campbell asked.

    Decorations, books, crayons, markers, Chromebooks and iPads are among some the supplies that she expects to find in the packages that she will open Tuesday with her students.

    Campbell found out that she was nominated after school on Friday. Since her school closed due to weather conditions Monday, her students are in for an exciting surprise when they get to school.

    “My students have no clue. They have no idea what’s coming,” Campbell said.

    Along with the school supplies, Campbell’s school will also be receiving a donation from NBC for being nominated for the campaign.

    “It shows how much people really do care, and some students really do struggle financially and don’t have what they need,” the teacher said.