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Man Curses Out and Threatens Officers, Vandalizes Cop's Car

Chester County man goes on a six minute tirade -- cursing and threatening officers -- after traffic stop



    A Chester County man's outburst -- targeted at police -- was caught on camera last Friday, June 21, 2013. (Published Wednesday, June 26, 2013)

    A Chester County man goes on a profanity and slur-laden tirade after being pulled over by police for a traffic stop and it’s all caught on camera.

    But it didn't end there.

    Later, police say, the man went to the police department's parking lot and vandalized an officer’s personal car.

    The outburst takes place in the parking lot of Liberty Union Bar and Grill in the early morning hours last Friday. On the video, Matthew Walter, 36 of Chester Springs, Pa., can be heard berating two Upper Uwchlan Police officers.

    “You mother f***er. You pulled me over for a speeding ticket c***sucker. You’re a f***ing lying sack of s**t. Where’s the tape,” Walter can be heard shouting at officers.

    Police say Walter had been pulled over after officers noticed him committing traffic violations in the southbound lanes of Route 100.

    After yelling at the officers for a short time, the 36-year-old then told them to get back into their van and “f***ing go.” The officers can be seen returning to their marked SUV and leaving.

    The video goes on for more than six minutes with Walter continuing to yell at a restaurant manager, as two other officers look on. Walter then threatens those officers.

    “Wait until I catch you without your f***ing uniform on. And don’t worry, I will.,” he says. “I know where you live, and you live, you sorry mother f***er.”

    Additional officers can be seen pulling up to the parking lot as Walter continues to argue with police. He can be heard telling one officer, he was pulled over for speeding, but got a ticket for something else.

    As the officers walk away, he uses a homophobic slur to describe them.

    Shortly after arguing with restaurant staff again, Walter gets into his silver Ford F-150 and drives away.

    Upper Uwchlan Police say after the incident at the Liberty Union Bar and Grill, officers noticed Walter parked in the township’s municipal lot. However, when they returned to the parking lot, he was gone.

    A short time later, police say they found Walter walking through the police department’s parking lot. When they stopped him, he again became belligerent towards them, police say.

    When the officers checked the lot, they found an on-duty officer’s personal vehicle had been vandalized with a rock. Police say surveillance video shows Walter vandalizing the car and taking photos of license plates.

    Walter was arrested and charged with making terroristic threats, disorderly conduct, institutional vandalism and harassment. He is out on $5,000 bail.

    Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan commended the officers for showing restraint in the situation.

    “The officers were a model of restraint here. They would have been justified in taking much more aggressive action,” he said.

    DA Hogan says Walter was licensed to carry a concealed weapon, but that the Chester County Sheriff revoked that license.

    “To threaten a police officer like that…‘Bang, he’s going in handcuffs,’” DA Hogan said.

    Upper Uwchlan Police Chief John DeMarco said he could not comment as to why officers didn't arrest Walter when he allegedly threatened them -- citing the pending criminal case.

    Walter’s attorney, Joseph Green, says he’s not aware of the video, but that his client has a history with the Upper Uwchlan Police Department. Green says he and his client are looking forward to present all the facts of the case in court.

    A preliminary hearing in the case was continued Wednesday. It is scheduled to resume August 6.

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