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Mail Order a Chinese Groom, Save the World

China's population control means 24 million men will have no women to marry in 2020



    Mail Order a Chinese Groom, Save the World
    CHANGCHUN, CHINA - JUNE 22: (CHINA OUT) Newlyweds pose during a collective wedding ceremony held to mark the Olympics on June 22, 2008 in Changchun of Jilin Province, China. The Changchun Commission of Communist Youth League of China held a collective wedding to greet the upcoming Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, during which 99 newlyweds attended the event. (Photo by China Photos/Getty Images)

    More than 24 million Chinese men will be single with no available women to marry by 2020, reports the AFP.

    With a one-child-per-family dictate and a national view that girls are useless, this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

    But did China really not see this coming?

    Female-specific abortions throughout China are to blame, says a study by the government-funded Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

    Aborting girls became popular once ultrasound technology was easily available in the 1980s, allowing Chinese women to see the sex of their babies in utero. And with the Chinese government implementing its population control policy since 1979, which generally limits families to one child, few want a girl.

    So what happens when these millions of men are of marrying age in 10 years with few women to marry? China will have a huge problem with female abductions, forced prostitution, trafficking of women and illegal marriage, says the Global Times.

    And then you could look at it this way: There will be 24 million sexually frustrated, oppressed men with no family to care for, living solitary lives in a communist regime. Sounds like the recipe for world domination with one angry army. (Perhaps the Chinese knew exactly what they were doing.)

    So save the world, women of Philadelphia! Take a trip to China and bring home a boyfriend. Set up a mail order groom service. Drain woman-hating China of their men, and teach them how to value women.

    We could use a few good men, after all. For every 100 females 18 and older in Philly, there were 81.8 males in the 2000 census. In fact, there were 7.14 million more women than men 18 and older in the U.S. in 2000. Though our “shortage” of men is not comparable to China’s carefully sculpted male-female imbalance, we could definitely start a trend.

    Save future women from sex trafficking and forced prostitution! Save us from the possibility of a weird, angry communist army!

    But most of all, save us from ignoring the fact that population control and killing off little girls is a horrifying, unsuccessful way of life.