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Lawmakers Favor Golden Retriever as Delaware's State Dog



    Lawmakers Favor Golden Retriever as Delaware's State Dog
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    The Golden Retriever is a large breed used primarily as a gundog and a retriever for small game. It is known for its lustrous light brown (golden) coat, which is double layered and provides them ample warmth in cold weather. Golden Retrievers are highly intelligent and respond well to both basic and advanced training, which makes them suitable for a number of roles including seeing-eye dogs, hearing dogs, search and rescue, hunting, and an affectionate, extroverted family companion.

    Delaware lawmakers have important work to do before ending their legislative session later this week, including passing spending bills for the fiscal year that starts Friday and considering a controversial school redistricting plan for Wilmington.

    Meanwhile, the Senate was set to vote Tuesday on a bill naming the golden retriever as Delaware's official state dog, a proposal that cleared the House unanimously in April.

    The bill outlines a host of attributes for the golden retriever, such as its intelligence and friendliness, its love for hunting, and its ability to be trained for search and rescue work.

    Lovers of other breeds should not despair. The golden retriever would be Delaware's official dog for only one year, meaning fans of other breeds could also seek the state's official imprimatur for their favorite.