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Embattled Homicide Detective Officially Fired: Sources



    Embattled Homicide Detective Officially Fired: Sources
    Philadelphia Police
    Former Philadelphia Police Homicide Detective Ron Dove

    Ron Dove, the Philadelphia Police homicide detective accused of withholding evidence on cases and helping his girlfriend following a murder, has officially been fired from the force, sources say.

    Dove, a 16-year veteran of the department, was suspended with the intent to dismiss last month after evidence surfaced that he helped his lover, Erica Sanchez, in the hours after she allegedly murdered her ex-husband Cesar Vera.

    The suspension has a 30 day window and as of Friday, it closed, sources tell NBC10.

    Sources say Dove is also being investigated for allegedly covering up three murders.

    A new probe into those cases led crime scene investigators to dig at a lot in North Philadelphia. There, police found a human's lower jawbone, sources said.

    Police are conducting DNA testing to determine whether the parts belong to a missing man named Reynaldo Torres.

    Torres was last seen with his friend, Melanie Colon, last May. Colon was found murdered some time later, but Torres was never located. Dove was the detective who investigated Colon's murder, sources said.