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Trial Begins for Outspoken Neighbor Accused in Tire Slashings



    David Toledo faces numerous charges for tire slashings in his neighborhood nearly two years ago. (Published Monday, Jan. 27, 2014)

    The outspoken, self-proclaimed neighborhood watchmen who once claimed he would break the hands of the person slashing tires in his Philadelphia neighborhood goes on trial today for those acts of vandalism.

    David Toledo, the victim turned suspect in the Mayfair tire-slashing spree, faces dozens of charges related to the 2012 vandalism.

    Toledo, 46, is accused of vandalizing dozens of cars on his own block and in the area surrounding his home.

    Toledo spoke to NBC10 several times after coverage of tire slashings in the area of the 4000 block of Aldine Street -- where he lives -- and surrounding roads began to surface in February 2012.

    "I hope the cops get them before the neighbors find out who it is because something bad is going to happen," said Toledo after some cars were vandalized in mid-March. "My wife said 'somebody is watching us watching the cops' because when they're here nothing happens."

    Toledo is accused of causing sleepless nights for neighbors concerned that their cars would be vandalized while they slept. A town watch was formed and police even offered a big reward for an arrest in the case.

    All along Toledo was there speaking out against the vandalism.

    "This will be the last time that you're going to get my car because you will get caught," Toledo told NBC10 after just his tires were slashed on March 20. "The $10,000 reward, I don't want the money, all I want is their hands so I can smash them so they can never do it again."

    Toledo's trial was set to begin last March but it was continued until Monday morning.

    At Toledo's preliminary hearing, a police officer told the court that after Toledo was arrested, newspaper articles about the vandalism and heavy-duty razor blades were found inside his home.