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Tased Phillies Fan Gets Probation

Teen must serve community service as well



    Tased Phillies Fan Gets Probation
    Consalvi got zapped for running onto the field.

    Steven Consalvi, the teenager who made national headlines after he was tasered for running onto the field at Citizens Bank Park, got his day in juvenile court Thursday.

    And the recent Boyertown High School grad got his punishment for field rushing.

    He agreed to enter into a program common for first-time juvenile offenders instead of pleading guilty to anything, said Assistant District Attorney Colin Burke.

    The 17-year-old must serve six months of probation and must serve 80 hours of community service including working in soup kitchens, said the Inquirer. If he completes his probation without any more problems and passes a drug test than his record will be expunged.

    He was facing various charges including defiant trespassing that wouldn't have carried much more than probation if he didn't agree to the program, said Burke.

    But, some observers could argue Consalvi’s real punishment was the fact that he got tased by a Philadelphia Police officer as he ran around CBP in early May.

    Tasered Phillies Fan Shocked to See Copycat

    [PHI] Tasered Phillies Fan Shocked to See Copycat
    Steve Consalvi was watching Tuesday night's game when he saw another fan jump the fence and run on the field. He couldn't believe it, his mom says.
    (Published Thursday, May 6, 2010)

    Consalvi’s 15 minutes of fame came after he asked his dad if it was OK to have a “once in a lifetime experience” by jumping onto the Phillies’ field.

    Well he got that experience and got hit by a Philadelphia policeman’s taser. Now the teen is hoping to put the whole thing behind him, said the ADA.

    Consalvi and his family made no comment as the left court.

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