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Camden Co. Police Officer Sleeping on the Job?

An internal investigation is launched to find out if the picture of a sleeping officer is real



    On Tuesday, a photo of a Camden metro police officer sleeping on duty circulated all through social media. NBC10's Cydney Long reports on the investigation that is taking place to find out all the facts of this case. (Published Thursday, Aug. 8, 2013)

    Camden County Police are investigating one of their own officers, who appears to be asleep on the job.

    The investigation started after a picture spread like wildfire on social media, showing the officer with his head tilted back and mouth wide open, while sitting inside a police cruiser.

    The photo was allegedly snapped Monday morning at 3rd and Vine in North Camden.

    "It's all over Facebook, like that's how they want to defend the city, that's how they want to defend our kids, sleeping on the job?" said Angela Morales, a concerned resident of Camden.

    Camden Metro Police Chief Scott Thompson says they've launched an internal investigation to find out if the picture is legitimate.  "We're getting to the bottom of what appears to be a disturbing photograph. Once we have all of our facts ascertained, if it is what it appears to be, which is an officer sleeping on duty, then there will be consequences for that."

    Camden resident George Avalle says the picture is definitely real, because he saw the sleepy officer with his own eyes.

    "I saw him, yeah, he nodded out for a couple minutes, then he got back up," said Camden resident George Avalle. "When he woke up, I asked him, 'Does he want a coffee?' He said he was tired, you know?"

    Chief Thompson believes a resident may have taken the picture and says he wants the community to alert him if anyone sees an officer acting inappropriate or doing something they aren't supposed to be doing. "I can't fix what I don't know is broken," said Thompson.


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