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Bozo Robs Bethlehem Bank

Woman dressed up in a clown suit robbed the KNBT Bank Friday



    A bomb squad robot had to be called into action after a woman dressed as a clown robs a bank and is suspected to have a bomb in her car. (Published Saturday, Aug. 7, 2010)

    A woman dressed up in a full clown suit robbed the KNBT bank on Freemansburg Avenue in Bethlehem Township Friday afternoon, authorities say.

    A Bozo move, considering she didn't get too far.

    The woman discarded much of her clown apparel right before police captured her on Famersville Road. Strewn about the ground appeared to be a rainbow-colored wig, bright clothes, giant green sunglasses and fake red nose.

    After being apprehended, the clown robber told police that she had a device in her car, which prompted the bomb squad to investigate a suspicious package in the vehicle.

    Chopper 10 got footage of the police robot going through the car with the clown apparel lying on the ground. No device was found.

    The cash she stole from the bank was recovered inside the car, police say. Authorities also found several handguns in the tan Honda Accord, but they say the weapons were not used as a threat during the arrest.

    The unidentified woman is expected to be arraigned sometime Friday.