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Body of Mutilated Animal Found in Lot



    The mutilated remains were found in a bag that was behind a pile of dirt in a vacant lot on 30th and Jefferson. (Published Monday, March 10, 2014)

    Officials with the Pennsylvania SPCA say the mutilated body of an animal was found in an empty lot in North Philadelphia.

    The animal was discovered on 30th Street and Jefferson. According to officials, the dead animal’s skin, paws and ears were removed. They also say the instruments used to mutilate the animal along with its paws were found in a blanket in the same lot.

    Due to the extent of the mutilation, officers are still trying to identify the species of the animal.

    "This is an utmost heinous crime," said Director of Humane Law Enforcement George Bengal. "We are working hard to uncover the facts and locate the offender."

    If you have any information on this incident, please call the SPCA at 267-315-0237.