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98-Year-Old WWII Veteran Maintains His Independence, Inspires His Daughter

The World War 2 veteran continues to live on his own and even administers his own dialysis treatments.

He flew fighter jets in World War II, and now he's tackling a battle with kidney disease head-on.

Charles Everett, a 98 year old New Jersey father of two has become an inspiration to his daughter by maintaining his independence. He even administers his own dialysis treatments.

Everett was diagnosed with kidney disease and began dialysis three years ago. Initially, he received treatment for the disease the same way that most people do — at a clinic, three times a week for up to three hours per session.

As an active spirit, Everett was soon craving more independence and flexibility. He began working with Fresenius Kidney Care in Runnemede in order to find a way to both manage the disease and live the life he craved. Last September, he began administering his own treatments by hooking himself up to a dialysis machine that cleanses his blood of toxins while he sleeps.

“I’m quite satisfied I can do it and it fits my lifestyle here well,” said Everett.

Everett’s daughter, Beth Everett, agrees that administering his own treatment is the right choice for her Dad.

“Dad’s independence is very important to him and I try to be respectful of that,” Beth Everett said.

Everett developed his can-do attitude during his time serving as a fighter pilot in World War II. During the war, his plane was shot down in Germany. He was held as a prisoner of war and forced to march for an entire week.

“They had no place to put us,” Everett said. “It was the end of the war.”

Everett has passed down this attitude to his children.

“One of the phrases Dad always used to tell me is if you’re going to do a job, then you’re going to do the best job possible,” said Beth Everett.

Everett started a family after he came home. He and his wife had two children, a daughter and a son. His son moved to Tennessee, and his daughter has remained in the area. He says she is his best friend.

“She means everything to me. I completely depend on her.”

Beth echoed her father’s sentiments.

“It’s just a bond that unbreakable,” she said. 

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